Welcome to my website

Hello, I am Nicki Berry and in January 2022, I started a new position as a Senior Accessibility Specialist for the Civil Service.

Over the last few months, I have been redeveloping my website to reflect my current role. If you want to find out more about me and my professional background, please visit the About Me page.

Before we even begin to think about accessibility, it is important to have a background understanding of disability. Culturally, disability is understood and treated differently across the world. I am UK-based and make no apology for reflecting this in my website. I largely adopt the social model of disability and prefer identity-first language. You can read more on the Disability page.

It is also important to know about assistive technologies and how disabled people use them to access digital content. You can read more on the Assistive technology page.

At the moment, the WCAG page has been pulled in from my previous website (which was an eLearning design portfolio. I am in the process of updating and improving this page, so that it gives lots of information about how to make your content accessible. At the moment, it has lots of links to old blog posts. Whilst these are largely accessible in themselves, there are aspects of the Blogger platform which are not completely compliant and may cause some difficulties. As I update these pages, the Blogger versions will be replaced and phased out.

My blog is a mixture of my thoughts on digital and physical accessibility, as well as personal stories and experiences. All opinions are my own and I try to share thoughts which may benefit others or challenge people's views on disability.